STM Water Technology

STM Water Technology

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STM Water Technology is the division dedicated to the development of high-performance products for water management in the baking process. Precise and reliable water control is a prerequisite for predictable results and consistent quality. We provide our experience and our passion to guarantee you the best performance, in total safety and hygiene.

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The 3 pillars of STM success

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STM Product - STM Innovation

STM Innovation

We believe that innovation is the engine towards the development, for this we continuously invest resources for updating skills and technologies and we encourage our team to exploit the advantages of a multidisciplinary approach to identify cutting-edge solutions in every project.

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STM Service +

We thank the trust and esteem of our customers offering a contact person for each geographic area with answers within 24 hours, product warranties for 24 months and spare parts available for at least 10 years

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STM Total Quality

Over the years we have developed and we continue to refine a precise and rigorous method for the continuous improvement of the processes, that allows us to offer to our customers the highest quality and efficiency, together with flexibility, that is since always in our DNA.

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STM Water Technology + STM Control Technology

We take advantage of the most modern technologies developed and tested in the Control Technology world to add a unique competitive advantage to our dosing and refrigeration systems. Thanks to electronics, quality standards are raised and the potential multiplied.

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STM Control Technology

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