Quick guide to choose the perfect DOMIX

Quick guide to choose the perfect DOMIX

As we have seen in the article dedicated to our payoff “Start well, Mix better” (if you missed it click here: LINK), precisely controlling the quantity and temperature of the water at the beginning of the baking process has relevant implications: it guarantees the stability of the dough, affects the performance of the machines in the production line and affects the repeatability of the final product.

To obtain the desired dough and a product of top quality, it is therefore essential to choose accurate and reliable systems dedicated to the water dosing and refrigeration. In this article we will examine the most popular STM DOMIX models to discover their functionality and some peculiarities.

If, for example, you are looking for a machine that is simple and reliable to manage the dosing and mixing of water, one of our thermostatic DOMIX could be for you!

If, on the other hand, you prefer an automatic system to be integrated into your system, you can rely on one of our automatic DOMIX!

1. Why STM?

Yes… Why choosing an STM DOMIX?! We have dedicated a brief article to the ways in which we try to match the trust of our customers (if you want to be sure you do not miss any of the advantages of becoming part of the STM world, you can read it here).

In this article we only take up the main points, so as not to get distracted from the main theme, or how to choose a DOMIX that is perfect for our needs.

A. Because electronics is our bread

Yes, because it is precisely the electronic component that allows us to add a plus to all our products, a special ingredient designed to make the use of our machines easier, intuitive or customizable.

B. Because we don’t sell products, but tailor-made solutions

Our commercial approach is based on listening to customer needs, aware that a satisfied customer is the company’s best investment.

C. Because we offer 24 months warranty, extendable

Sure of being able to count on the quality of our products, we offer a 24-month warranty on all models, which can be extended with the 2 + 3 year formula.

D. Because the relationship with our customers does not end, but begins with sales!

We dedicate a multilingual team to the after-sales phase to offer support and assistance on all STM machines. Thanks to the web portal MySTM, dedicated to assistance, the answer to the most common requests is available to all our customers and at any time.

E. Because Quality at STM is not a stamp but is at the head of everyone and it’s evident

Over the years, at STM, we have developed and continued to refine a precise and rigorous method that guides the continuous improvement of business processes and people training projects.

2. DOX & DOMIX: a name, a choice

Let’s go back very quickly to the topic of this article and see how to choose between DOX, DOMIX, 2 or 3 inlets? And then, what is this “RS 485”?!

Let’s take it one step at a time. The first necessary distinction to be made is: DOX or DOMIX?

DOX = only dosing – only the amount of water is then controlled, while the temperature is detected and only shown on the display, but cannot be changed

DOMIX = dosing and mixing – this is the most complete option, since it allows to manage 2 or 3 water inlets at different temperatures to get the water out at the desired temperature.

Help Point

If what you are looking for is a device that manages only the dosing, that is the quantity of water coming from a single inlet, to be added to your dough

If you are looking for a device that also offers mixing of waters at different temperatures

If what you are looking for is a device that manages both the dosing of a certain quantity of water and the mixing of water at different temperatures (e.g. chilled water, mains water, hot water)

If what you are looking for is a device that manages ONLY the dosing of the amount of water to add to your dough and you don’t need to adjust the temperature too

Have you chosen if you are part of the DOX or DOMIX team? Good! So first let’s talk about DOX, if you don’t care about this paragraph you can go directly to the next one reserved for DOMIX.

3. STM DOX: Let’s discover the range of electronic water dosers

DOX Water Dosers are designed to manage the amount of water to be discharged into the dough-mixer. With these models it is not possible to intervene on the temperature (the mixing function is not provided), even if it is detected and shown on the display.

The available models are:
DOX 25 – DOX 30 – DOX 45

The distinguishing features of the different models are:

DOX 45: stainless steel structure, possibility to memorize up to 80 recipes and Installing kit, delivery hose and pump remote control provided as standard

DOX 30: ABS plastic structure, 1 recipe kept in memory and Installing kit, delivery hose and pump remote control provided as standard

DOX 25: ABS plastic structure, 1 recipe kept in memory and Installing kit, delivery hose and pump remote control provided as options

4. STM DOMIX: Let’s meet the most popular STM branded products

If the water dosers DOX are typically used in hot countries where only chilled water is used, throughout the continental area the changing of the seasons involves the need to be able to intervene not only on the quantity but also on the temperature of the water. In these cases, a water doser-mixer DOMIX is needed!

The system that controls the mixing, that is the temperature management, can be manual or automatic, depending on the model.

Help Point

Manual mixing – on the DOMIX there is a knob, which must be turned manually by the operator to find    the desired water temperature for the dough

Automatic mixing – in this case there is no knob on the DOMIX. The temperature is simply entered by      the operator and the adjustment is the responsibility of the DOMIX itself.

5. Automatic DOMIX

The STM range offers 2 alternatives for the automatic models, that is, they do not require any human intervention for the mixing phase and consequent achievement of the desired temperature: the DOMIX 60/70 series and the TriDOMIX 50/100 series. To see the differences between the individual models (DOMIX 60 vs DOMIX 70 and TriDOMIX 50 vs TriDOMIX 100), please refer to the website, where all the details and options available are detailed. Here it is useful to see the main differences between the 2 families.

The distinguishing features are:

DOMIX 60/70: 10″colour touch interface, maximum temperature accuracy (with tolerances of ± 0.5° C) and possibility of remote management (Industry 4.0)

TriDOMIX 50/100: Interface with alphanumeric keyboard, special keys and signaling LEDs, good temperature accuracy (with tolerances of ± 1.5° C), mixing process managed by sequential deliveries and possibility of integration with PLC system

6. Thermostatic DOMIX

In order to choose between the 4 models available in this category, there are some guiding questions that can help us:

A. How important is temperature accuracy?

All models guarantee excellent precision (with max tolerances of ± 1.0° C) but only the DOMIX 45 series offers a second outlet for the by-pass (to discard the water outside the desired temperature range), while all the other models have only one outlet and therefore even the first few litres that may not be perfectly at the right temperature are added to the dough.

A further distinction concerns the By-pass outlet which is automatic in the DOMIX 45A (set a temperature range or a maximum time, the machine automatically closes the by-pass solenoid valve to open the run one) and manual in the DOMIX 45 (the operator will open and close the relative gate valves when the temperature shown on the display is within the range

B. Production requires different recipes or it is used almost always the same quantity and temperature set?

If you need to keep recipes in memory and to recall them very fast, you might choose the DOMIX 45 series, since the other two models only keep the last selection in memory.

C. Is the stainless steel structure a must?

If the by-pass output and the recipes are not necessary, but you still want a machine in stainless steel, the DOMIX 35 meets all the requirements.
Alternatively, the DOMIX 30 Plus shares the same mixer (and therefore guarantees excellent precision, with max tolerances of ± 1.0 ° C) but has an ABS plastic structure.

Curiosity point

Thermostatic mixing – this type of mixing is only possible with some water mixers that mount a small but fundamental component inside them called “thermostatic element”. This small but great helper allows you to manage slight changes in temperature during dosing and therefore keep the water temperature constant, even in the case of variations in inlet pressures.

7. Manual DOMIX

The main features are the external structure in ABS plastic and a good temperature accuracy with tolerances of ± 1.5° C.

The differences between the two models are the hydraulics (external in the case of the DOMIX 25 and partially integrated in the case of the DOMIX 30) and the Installing kit with delivery hose and the pump remote command which are standard in the DOMIX 30 model while they are optional. in the case of DOMIX 25.

8. BONUS MODELS for high flows

DOX 125 and DOMIX 125 are designed to manage large water flows: in fact, they feature a ¾ “hydraulics and a 1″ 1/2 mixer, in the case of the DOMIX 125