Electronics by STM: discover the secret helper in baking

Electronics by STM: discover the secret helper in baking

There has been a lot of debate lately about the role of technology in our lives and how much it has become a part of it. While on the one hand there are obvious distortions and excesses in the use of smartphones, for example, especially among the youngest, on the other hand the value of certain applications is undeniable both in the industrial world and in the daily life of all of us. We can have and share information in real time and (almost) from anywhere in the world, our cars are increasingly intelligent and “communicative”, even our homes take advantage of the latest technologies to make us live in comfort, for example allowing to remotely control temperature and handyman robots.

And in the world of baking? What are the most useful applications? We will now see why a small control panel can make a difference and gain concrete and significant advantages. In short, we will no longer look at the control panels of our baking machines with the same eyes!

1. All the information you want, just a click away

Who would waive a smartphone to go back to the old button phones?! By now we are used to having all the data available in one click to know, decide, evaluate and get informed! The most evident aspect of advanced electronics, such as that on a graphic touch controller, is in fact the user interface!

STM machines with touch screen user interface offer the following:

–  view all relevant information about the operation of the machine

–  have access to the answers for solving the most frequent issues

–  enter the parameters section to customize the display or the operating mode of the machine

–  have accessory functions available, such as programming self-ignitions and the automatic washing system in the case of STM Touch water chillers

2. Performance invidiabili, sotto controllo

Another benefit, less evident but perhaps even more relevant, of advanced electronics is the possibility to control the strategic components of bread machines in a refined and precise way, and therefore, to achieve higher performance. The DOMIX 60/70 series, for example, offers very high standards of precision in mixing, with tolerances of less than ± 0.5°C, thanks to a complex algorithm and a precise and advanced control system. Similarly, the condensers with partialized fans in the STM Touch water chillers are managed by the electronics to let the machine work in the best conditions and reduce energy consumption, thus being able to offer truly interesting performance standards.

3. The best electronics to work in total safety

So far we have seen how advanced electronics is a strategic ally for having an eye on a whole range of data and information and how it can be used to make the most relevant components of our machines work, to achieve better performances.

Let us now address the third aspect: safety. Intelligent electronics is, in fact, able to manage and control a whole series of warning devices and lights, such as pressure switches, flow switches, probes and transducers which, according to their function, can act directly on the process or send alert messages so that can intervene promptly and easily

By way of example, in the STM Touch water chillers, in the event of insufficient water flow in the circuit, (very critical condition) a flow switch intervenes which blocks the operation of the machine, so as to preserve the refrigeration circuit from the danger of freezing. The malfunction of a level probe in industrial models, on the other hand, generates a low priority alarm that does not block the operation of the machine: in fact, a replacement control is provided and the machine can continue to work

4. Industry 4.0: beyond tax benefits

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about Industry 4.0 and interconnection. This interest also arises from the tax advantages that are currently offered by the legislation, but here we would like to consider the concrete benefits that derive from a 4.0 machine

Technical assistance becomes Remote assistance

It is not difficult to imagine what are the advantages offered by the possibility of having information on the state of health of the machine, without leaving your office … it is the dream of any maintenance technician (and every customer!): To go to the production site having already all the relevant information and therefore having exactly the right equipment, and only when necessary! In the case of STM Touch water chillers, for example, there is a dedicated section (I/O section) where it is possible to have a picture of the health of the machine at any time. Thanks to the STM-Cloud platform, it is possible to monitor all these data remotely, receive notifications, update the SW remotely with the latest features introduced as well as download relevant data on operations and history

Maintenance or… self-help?

The most advanced bakery machines have a diagnostic system on board, as we have seen above, and can therefore show or send alarm messages … this allows the user to decode technical data and obtain indications for a prompt resolution.

If the error message is not complete enough, machines with a graphic touch interface can show a quick guide for solving the most frequent problems (see the FAQ section of STM Touch water chillers).

Technological innovation, a symptom of quality

The word innovation has been so abused that it now sounds a bit empty to our ears … it is talked about so much because being able to innovate is, for companies, a source of pride: the implementation processes of new technologies, such as the realization of touch panels with operating system, have very high costs, not always and not all initiatives find a market and it is not always possible to respect the budget that was set. In fact, if it were predictable and predictable, it wouldn’t be innovation, would it?!

In this regard, I would like to conclude this article with a reflection: companies that can afford to equip their machines with advanced control systems and therefore face all the risks associated with our dear Innovation, are healthy companies that believe in what they do and that attach great importance to the usefulness of their products for the end user.

Typically, as customers, we appreciate the advantages of new technologies when we use them, but at the time of purchase we are wary and reluctant to pay a premium for benefits that are still perceived as intangible. With this short article, we hope to have given glasses with which to evaluate with more awareness and attention the role of electronics as a vehicle for innovation for the benefit of the end user.