All the advantages of being part of the STM world… included for free!

All the advantages of being part of the STM world… included for free!

It is often said that it has been paid for the brand for a certain product, as if to say that it’s not the quality of a product to be remunerated but rather the name behind it, alluding to this as a disadvantage.

In this article, we would like to emphasize some advantages that are “included for free in the price” when purchasing an STM product but not always considered. If you want to know in detail how we try to match the trust of our customers and you want to be sure you’re not missing any of the advantages of becoming part of the STM world, read on!

1. Our bread is electronics

STM has always offered a wide and complete range of Water Dosers (DOX) and Water Dosers-Mixers (DOMIX), with one goal: to combine experience in the baking sector with our skills in electronics. It is mainly thanks to the electronic component and the advantages that this allows that STM machines can offer the most popular and appreciated features.

Even in the simplest models, it is possible to customize the display of information (for example by choosing the unit of measure) but also to ensure the best operation of the machine (by calibrating the litre-counter directly on the system). In the most advanced models, the technological component finds the right space, with automatic DOMIX with colour touch interface, very high performance and various possibilities of integration and remote management.

To find out how advanced and updated electronics can make a difference and make us gain concrete and significant advantages, you can read the specific article.

2. Not products, but tailor-made solutions

Our commercial approach is based on listening to customer needs, in order to be able to recommend the most suitable DOMIX model. Our catalogues are designed to offer a comparison of the different features and help our customers find their way around easily in such a wide range of products.

We prefer not to offer our Touch water chillers on the basis of nominal hourly production: we have prepared a questionnaire to collect all the data useful to calculate the necessary cooling capacity, considering the specific production conditions of the customer, in order to ensure the desired performance and customer satisfaction.

3. 24 months warranty, extendable

Confident of being able to count on the quality of our products, we offer a 24-month warranty on all models of water dosers-mixers and water chillers. There is also the possibility to choose the warranty terms with the 2 + 3 year formula.

4. The relationship with our customers does not end, but begins with sales!!

Our after-sales team is available to offer support and assistance on all STM machines: we keep the most common spare parts in stock to guarantee a fast and reliable service and we repair machines that require maintenance at our premises.

Always with the goal of offering the best service, we have created a web portal dedicated to after-sales assistance, where our customers can find the answer to the most common requests, independently and at any time. The MySTM reserved area is constantly updated: if you want to see the latest news, click here.

5. Quality at STM is not a stamp but is at the head of everyone and it’s evident

Over the years, at STM, we have developed and continued to refine a precise and rigorous method that guides the continuous improvement of STM internal processes. People are continuously involved in training projects in order to keep not only technical but also transversal skills constantly updated. The result is in the quality of our products and in the punctuality of our services, but above all in the flexibility that we at STM are able to offer, both in the requests for customization of the machines and in the production times.

For any information or further information on these issues, you can contact your sales representative or write to us at We will be happy to assist you!